My Films

I did this with Movie Maker belive it or not. Although i have done many more videos that are not here the below was a result getting into photography a little and leaning how to pull focus. I figured out how to do it on my camera so i did this video. Try to notice how it starts on the ground and goes up then it indacates that it falls at the end.

I took 2 film courses in collage. For one of them we had to write, produce, Direct, and Edit a film. This Video below is the result of the course. There was a second video at the end of the semester where we learned about techniques and concepts like lighting, sound, framing, Editing…

This video has 2 consepts behind it that i tried to express. Spoiler alert:watch the video first before you continue reading if you want to try to guess what the consepts are. One consept is that the whole film happens in a blink of an eye. That is why at the end the video is in reverse and seems to start over again.The other consept is that any thoughts that the assasen (guy doing the chacing) had was represented by the roman stuff while the football stuff represents the thoughts of the person getting chased as he is trying to recall those skills to try to get away.In retrospect i dont think i did a good job showing this.

This is when i really got into film and realized it is one of my passions.

This Film was when is the first film i shot with my new camera (at the time) 3CCD Panasonic camera. This is when i first realized that music is the tool i use to get my insperation out. So what ever i am trying to say in the film i find the right music then build on it.
I wanted to try to see if i can do a trailer like you see in the previews of any movie. I did not make the movie only the trailer. Maybe one day i will make it but i dont know if we will look the same.

These Videos are a result of what happens when you are in collage and board out of your mind one night.

You would not believe what kind of things you can come up with when you are board. One day after classes in collage my friends and i were board so we decided to shoot a video of us messing around. When we did we got inspired by a song that was playing “Another one bites the dust” so we started tapping funny things that had nothing to do with the song or anything at all to the beat of the song. Finally we said this would be a great music video. Later i put the song to the stupid things we did and i think it make out great. This was another day we were board but decide to create an actual video with a purpose. The problem is that we could not come up with a plot. The plots we came up with were too big to be shot in a day. So if you watch the video and think “i don’t get it” you are not support to. It is just a guy that has a feeling that he needs to go someplace called Nasser City (Place in Cairo) and once he gets there he gets beet up.

These are my first films. When i first started to get into film makeing i like the Post production proccess manly edditing. So i took clips from Dragon Ball Z and put it to music. As you can see the videos are crude but i had a good time putting them together. I used Adobe Primier 6.0 at the time.

This is my first Video Ever. At the time i was using an old laptop and the rendering process was not smooth. That is why in the begining it is choppy, thankfuly it went with the music so i kept it. 😛

The second video i have done was a lttle better. This is when i realized that it was the music that inspired me when i was edditing rather than clips (what was being seen). The clips were mearly a way to exicute what i wanted to edit.

At this point i just bought a new laptop and wanted to edit something really good. You can be the judge but my brother really likes this and he uses it to get pumped up before he workes out. This video is also the first time i put the Three A Productions Logo on top of the video.

Three A Productions, if you were wondering, is becuse my inishals are AAA Ahmed Aboulmagd Abdelhaimd.


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